Clinical Trials Liability

This policy is a legal requirement insurance that protects the Insured for loss arising from injury following an adverse or serious adverse event during the trial.

Coverage is available for studies conducted in most parts of the world.

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Claims Examples

A national trial was conducted to study the effects of oxygen saturation levels in infants with very low birth rates. Parents of infants who participated in the study alleged the trail had caused neurological issues and retinopathy sued the Doctor who designed and ran the study and others.

A feasibility study was conducted in which an implantable artificial heart was to be implanted in fifteen patients with biventricular heart failure with expected mortality of less than 30 days. The widow of one of the subjects later brought actions alleging that the deceased had not known that the trial was experimental and would not have entered into the trial had they known of the period of “poor quality life” that would follow the “better quality of life” period immediately following the implant