Customer Complaints Procedure

  • Making a Complaint:
    Your complaint is important to us and should be made in the first instance to your usual contact at our firm.
    Alternatively, you can address your complaint to:
    • Managing Director
      HISL Brokers Ltd
      63 St Mary Axe, London, EC3A 8AA
  • How We Handle Complaints:
    • We will aim to resolve your complaint on the spot or, if not possible, within three business days of receipt. If you are satisfied with our response, we will send you a confirmation.
    • If we cannot resolve your complaint straightaway, we will send you an acknowledgement within five business days and, where possible, fully resolve your complaint.
    • An employee not involved in the subject matter of the complaint will investigate. We will provide their name and job title.
    • Our goal is to address complaints promptly. Once investigated, you’ll receive a written response.
    • If unresolved after 4 weeks, we’ll inform you why. If unresolved after 8 weeks, you’ll receive:
      • A resolution; or
      • A response explaining the delay, when to expect a resolution, and potential referral rights to the Financial Ombudsman Service if the delay is unsatisfactory.
  • Unhappy with Our Resolution?
    • You might be eligible to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and/or Lloyd’s of London.
  • Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS):
    • You can refer a complaint to FOS if you are:
      • A private policyholder.
      • A micro enterprise.
      • A charity with an income < £6.5 million.
      • A trustee of a trust with assets < £5 million.
      • A buy-to-let consumer.
      • A small business.
      • A guarantor.
    • Despite time limits, we allow Ombudsman reviews even for late complaints. If eligible, our final letters will include the Ombudsman’s leaflet ‘Want to take your complaint further?’
    • More details are on the Ombudsman’s website and their leaflet.Contact FOS:
  • Lloyd’s of London Policyholders:
    • Lloyd’s policyholders can refer complaints to Lloyd’s, which will investigate and provide a final response.Contact Lloyd’s: